Lesson Cancellation Policy
  1. The teacher will do everything possible to schedule lessons without conflicts. When conflicts are unavoidable and the teacher must cancel, the lesson will be made up during a “flex week” such as Fall or Spring Break.
  2. Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. The teacher will use that time or other times to plan for the student’s progress, locate materials, etc. Please be assured that your tuition pays for far more than the time spent with your child. There are no refunds, discounts or make-up lessons given unless I am unable to teach the promised number of lessons.
  3. For lessons cancelled due to mild illness or inclement weather, the teacher will offer the option to schedule a Skype lesson during the regularly scheduled lesson time.
  4. The teacher reserves the right to send home any student who arrives sick with the understanding that no make-up lesson will be given.
Music & Practicing
  1. Music and/or music tools (flashcards, metronome, etc.) that are not provided by the teacher must be purchase in a timely manner. Please have music and music tools either bought or ordered by the next lesson.
  2. All students should come to lessons prepared, having practiced and completed their lesson assignment.
    1. If a student consistently does not complete their lesson assignments, it may result in the student not being allowed to participate in studio recitals.
  3. All students will be provided with a lesson assignment each week. However, students/parents should also take responsibility during practicing and feel free to go beyond what is required on the assignment sheet.
Performance Requirements
  1. Students are required to participate in group lessons held in the teacher’s home.
    1. If a student does not attend at least 75% of group lessons, it may result in the student not being allowed to participate in studio recitals.
  2. Students are required to participate in any and all recitals (minimum of two recitals scheduled a year) held by the teacher unless the teacher says otherwise as a result of:
    1. The students consistently not completing assignments
    2. The student not attending at least 75% of group lessons
  3. Both group lessons and recitals should not be presented to students as a requirement, but rather as a fun opportunity share their talents with friends and family.
Additional Studio Policies
  1. Parents are advised to attend all of their student’s individual and group lessons in order to be able to supervise practicing and listening to CDs.
  2. Parents are advised to take notes during individual lessons.
  3. All siblings present at the lessons must remain under the parent’s supervision.  Unless the child needs to be taken out for disciplinary reasons, all children are to remain in the studio.
  4. Punctuality is required to keep all lessons on schedule.
  5. Do not park in front of the mailbox or in a neighbor’s driveway. 
  6. Do not allow children to play in the neighbors’ yards.
  7. Do not chew gum in studio.
  8. Do not talk on cell phones during lessons. 


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