Born and raised in the Dallas Metroplex, Alicia began taking piano lessons at the age of seven with the goal of becoming a church accompanist. While she did eventually serve in several churches as church pianist, what she did not see in her future was teaching. However, she began teaching a family friend in August of 2004 and began growing her studio.

In May of 2011, Alicia graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Music degree in Church Music with an emphasis in Piano. Then in May of 2016, she graduated with a 4.0 from Dallas Baptist University with a Master of Arts degree in Worship Leadership.

Alicia’s Piano Studio offers private piano lessons to all levels of students, both to the young and the young at heart. Also provided are group lessons, which serve as an opportunity to not only learn to play confidently before one’s peers, but also gives a sense of unity and motivation within the studio.

The goal of Alicia’s Piano Studio is to allow students to learn to confidently express themselves through music. Music is often considered food for the soul, and it is Alicia’s desire to share her love of music with others so that they, too, may gain a deep love and understanding of music.

The main curriculum used in Alicia’s Piano Studio is the Suzuki method books. The Suzuki method uses the “mother-tongue approach” to teaching music. This means that music is taught much in the same way as a language is taught to small children. Some of the core ideas of Suzuki are parent responsibility, loving encouragement, and constant repetition. For more Suzuki information, please go to
Along with the Suzuki method, it is important to also incorporate outside repertoire pieces. These outside pieces are chosen by the student and may consist of classical, hymns, movie tunes, and many other genres.
Aside from pieces, it is important that students learn the core of music. To do this, students will be taught scales and chords, along with music theory and musicianship. Each student will be required to complete theory workbooks and may also be assigned online tasks to supplement the theory workbooks.